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Car Stickers High Gloss Black Carbon fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film DIY 1ft x 5ft

Car Stickers High Gloss Black Carbon fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film DIY 1ft x 5ft

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Transform your car with this black carbon fiber vinyl wrap film. Easy to apply and made with high-gloss material, this 1 ft x 5 ft wrap will make your car stand out with an eye-catching, professional finish. Durable and waterproof, make your car look like new!

Product Description

Size: 12" x 60" (30 x 152cm)

Thickness: 0.1-0.2mm

Feature Bubble Free Gas Guiding Groove

Color: Black

Temperature Range: -30 ° C to 110 ° C

Technology: Air Release, Resist, Heat Fuse Technologies

Professional installation guidance

�Clean off any dust, dirt or wax, or other things before installation. Please keep the surface clean and dry.

�There is a transparent protective film on the surface which must be peeled off before use. Measure the amount of protective film needed for the part to be fixed.

�With a hair dryer, let the film be flexible and reduce wrinkles.

�Even though it is waterproof, it cannot be completely submerged in water.

�After assembly, please leave the car under the sun within 48 hours or do not wash the car in the meantime. Do not let the car stickers touch the water for 48 hours.

Package includes:

1pc 6D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Wrap Sticker.

Note: Not actual part shown

Shipping: Free

Shipping usually takes 6 to 7 business days

This part has a 15-day warranty

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