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240x Auto Clips Kit Car Truck Push Retainers Pin Rivet Trim Clip Panel Fasteners

240x Auto Clips Kit Car Truck Push Retainers Pin Rivet Trim Clip Panel Fasteners

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This 240-piece set of car truck fasteners helps you complete a variety of tasks, such as trim, panel, and dashboard installations. Push-type retainer clips are made of durable plastic material that offers reliable, long-lasting performance. Quick and easy to install, they're ideal for protecting your vehicle.


A great Push Retainer Kit including 12 popular size. You can find 240pcs of automotive push type retainers in the small box instead of going to an auto parts store for different fasteners.

These push clips are widely used in the replacement of body clips, decorative panel clips, door decorative fasteners, door panel clips, bumper clips, fender clips, engine hoods and fender clips, and can cover telecommunications Equipment, automobiles, household appliances, furniture and electrical equipment.

With fastener remover, so that you can quickly and easily remove and install car door trim panels and interior trim clips. The car fastener clip is made of high-quality nylon, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, will not crack or break in use.

Commonly used for cars' side skirts, bumpers, automobile fenders, engine hoods, door trims, interior trims and various trims of auto parts.

Also Can be used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, trains, airplanes, caravans, etc.


240x Retainers

4x Plastic remover

1x Metal remover

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